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Aware by Wiretap Safeguards Against:

HR Policy Violations

Protect against intentional or unintentional harassment, threats, intimidation or company-specific policy violations.

Compliance Issues

Set detailed policies to monitor and safeguard against very specific regulatory compliance issues for your industry.

Insider Threats

Safeguard against insiders that may use an ESN to plot a company exit and steal customers, partners or staff on your dime.

External Sharing Risks

Collaboration groups often include external stakeholders — Aware by Wiretap makes sure the wrong information doesn’t get into their hands.

IP Leaks

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, employees may accidentally expose IP to unauthorized parties outside the organization.

Confidential Data Leaks

Protect critical customer and employee data like SSNs, credit cards, medical information or other PII, which is often shared accidentally.

Securing Enterprise Collaboration for some of the world’s largest companies

Peace of Mind for Your Entire Organization

Aware by Wiretap provides 360° protection for every area of your business, keeping the needs of security, IT, HR, legal and compliance, communication professionals and reputation management at the forefront.

Safeguard Your Enterprise Social Networks and Collaboration Tools with Aware by Wiretap

Wiretap empowers organizations to monitor, protect and grow collaboration tools like Microsoft Yammer®, Workplace by Facebook and Slack. By providing deeper monitoring and governance of employee interactions and behaviors, including securing against intellectual property and confidential data leaks, insider threats, HR policy violations, compliance issues and external sharing risks, the Aware by Wiretap platform encourages and facilitates safe collaboration.  


Proactively monitor employee behavior, data, files and conversations to protect your company and reinforce positive culture.


Safeguard your sensitive data, mitigate threats and high-risk files, ensure employee compliance and meet retention requirements.


Scale your collaboration tools with confidence and encourage positive collaboration throughout your enterprise.


Here's what we found in just 30 days of monitoring with a global organization:

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U.K.-based Perspicuity, a Microsoft Gold partner, will deploy and integrate the Aware by Wiretap platform, an innovative solution designed to deliver greater productivity; compliance and governance; organizational and behavioral insight; and intelligent policy enforcement.

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