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Monitor, Protect & Grow

Your Enterprise Social Network.

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Monitor, Protect & Grow

Your Enterprise Social Network.

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Wiretap helps you

Grow your social network without worry

Enterprise social networks (ESNs) like Yammer® are amazing tools for sharing information within any organization — allowing teams to collaborate efficiently and get answers immediately. And most organizations that have deployed or are planning on deploying Office 365® with Yammer® want to grow their ESN as broadly as possible.

But increasing adoption while minimizing incidents can be a challenge, as many ESNs house a myriad of data that can be hard to discover, like private messages and files. Wiretap helps you grow your social network by monitoring and securing against issues such as:

Intellectual Property Leaks

Occurring intentionally or unintentionally, employees may accidentally expose IP to unauthorized parties outside the organization.

HR policy violations

Some posted content and jokes can be construed as threatening, intimidating or harassing, causing unnecessary damage.

Insider threats

Employees may use an ESN to plot their exit from the company, possibly garner customers, partners and staffing, on your dime.

Confidential data leaks

Social security numbers, credit card numbers, medical information or other sensitive information are often accidentally shared.

Compliance issues

Preventing insider trading or monitoring for regulatory and compliance matters in your ESN is like finding a needle in a haystack.

External Sharing Risks

When employees invite non-employees into internal groups or conversations, this greatly increases the risk of data loss and theft.

Wiretap for Yammer, Slack, Salesforce, Facebook

The security platform that actually enables collaboration.

Your enterprise social network (ESN) is the incubator for some of your company's brightest ideas. Grow it safely with Wiretap.

Monitor Files & Conversations

Wiretap is always connected to your social network, analyzing all conversations & file content. When necessary it proactively takes action or creates incidents for your review

Integrate with Active Directory

Secure your social network by applying highly granular policies that leverage your organization's active directory attributes (e.g. Flag all files shared by R&D employees)

Install on-site or in the cloud

Wiretap deployment is quick and simple, connecting to your Yammer network and running on your own infrastructure in your private cloud or on-premise data center

Block files by type or content

Whether your want to restrict certain users from sharing certain types of files or only allow images to be uploaded to your social network, the options are endless

Encourage Positive Collaboration

Wiretap self-polices your social network but it can also self-organize by automatically hashtagging content that matches keywords or patterns. (e.g. Hashtag all HR posts with #hr)

Monitor external collaboration

New features are introduced all the time with limited usage controls. Using Wiretap you can monitor the usage or even restrict unsafe activity like file sharing over external groups

Collaborate safely without creating a barrier to adoption.

Grow your social network safely with Wiretap.

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