Wiretap: The Missing Thread in Your Security Fabric

You've closed security vulnerabilities across your enterprise, but collaboration tools open the door to new threats. Wiretap closes them, so you can collaborate with confidence.

Complete Collaboration Protection For:

Microsoft Yammer
Workplace by Facebook
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Groups
Microsoft Teams


Proactively monitor data, files and conversations to protect your company and reinforce positive culture.

Keep Watch 24/7 Over:

  • Public and private groups
  • Conversations and chats
  • Files and documents
  • Employee sentiment
  • Any social tool
  • Internal collaboration
  • External collaboration


Safeguard your sensitive data, mitigate threats and high-risk files, ensure compliance and meet retention requirements.

Safeguard Against:

  • Insider threats
  • Intellectual property leaks
  • HR policy violations
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Confidential data leaks
  • Employee theft
  • External sharing risks


Scale your ESNs with confidence and encourage positive collaboration throughout your enterprise.

Increase Your Company's:

  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Speed-to-innovation
  • Employee engagement
  • Positive collaboration
  • HR policy alignment
  • Employee retention
  • Overall productivity

Grow Your ESN Securely With Wiretap

If you’re implementing social collaboration tools or an enterprise social network (ESN), you want rapid scale in order to reap the benefits inherent in better collaboration. But with that scale, security concerns emerge: What if data is accidentally shared externally? What if the ESN is used inappropriately? What if regulatory policies are ignored?

With Wiretap, you get the best of both worlds — enterprise-grade security that frees you to focus on growth, reducing the barriers to collaboration and encouraging adoption.


Grow your ESN faster and reap the benefits of secure collaboration with Wiretap.


Gain peace of mind that your company's policies are adhered to and your data is safe and secure.


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One Platform Covers All Major Collaboration Tools

Only Wiretap gives you the granular level of control you need across today’s most popular enterprise collaboration and social networking tools.

Set it up once. Cover all your bases.
Never worry again.

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Encourage Positive Collaboration While Protecting Against Social Network Misuse

Wiretap helps protect your business and employees across several key areas:

Intellectual Property

Protect your company’s intellectual capital and sensitive data against:

  • Employee theft
  • Accidental external file sharing
  • Competitive leaks
  • IP breaches
  • Sensitive records leaks
  • Exposure of proprietary processes
HR Policies

Enforce policies that encourage positive collaboration and conversations — keeping employees productive and protecting against unwanted behaviors:

  • Brand and reputation management
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bullying or discrimination
  • Crude or crass joking
  • Unintentional inappropriate behavior
  • Employee disengagement

Ensure regulatory compliance across a variety of industries and ensure your organization can:

  • Detect insider trading
  • Safeguard personally identifiable information
  • Protect sensitive customer data
  • Manage risk across regions and offices
  • Reinforce employee training
  • Catch incidents before they happen
Insider Threats

Protect your organization against insider threats that are otherwise nearly impossible to manage:

  • Protect against privileged users
  • Safeguard against malicious, compromised or negligent threats
  • Help mitigate BYOD risk
  • Catch suspicious behavior early
  • Encourage positive collaboration
  • Mitigate surprise security gaps

See How Wiretap Protects Enterprises In:

Why Customers Love Wiretap

Always-On Protection

Wiretap proactively protects your entire organization by monitoring every conversation, interaction and file.

So Simple to Use

Wiretap’s intuitive UI and elegant dashboard make learning simple and day-to-day use a breeze.

Install Today, Protect Today

Wiretap can be set up quickly — start today and leave the office with peace of mind.

We’re Here For You

Our customer success team will help assist you with installation, setup, policy creation, rollout and more.

Total Automation

Once set up, Wiretap completely automates the monitoring of ESN security policies.

Know What’s Happening Now

Wiretap lets you know when an issue is occurring in-the-moment so actions can be taken right away.

All Around Protection

Wiretap provides 360° protection —keeping the needs of HR, IT, Legal, Security and Brand Management at the forefront.

Role-Based Access

Wiretap integrates with Active Directory, providing the ability to set security policies by group.

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