Take a closer look at several of the key features of Aware by Wiretap:

Policy Management

Set detailed policies to monitor employee interactions over your company's collaboration tools.

  • Out of the box policies for quick setup
  • Granular, customizable policy control and management
  • Unified identity and policy management across channels
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) integration
  • Active Directory integration

Monitor everything 24/7 in realtime with no employee interruptions. Wiretap is always on and always at work.

  • Monitor files
  • Monitor conversations
  • Monitor individual users
  • Monitor groups
  • Monitor internal collaboration
  • Monitor external collaboration

Analyze file types and content for policy breaches.

  • Analyze and block files by type
  • Analyze and block files by content
  • Conduct deep file scans

Set and take actions based on the policies you’ve set.

  • Flag files, conversations or content for:
    • Notification
    • Follow-up
    • Archiving
    • Deletion
    • Removal
  • Auto-notify users/groups about content
Ease of Use

Wiretap is designed for maximum ease of use.

  • One product to manage security for multiple tools
  • Implementation in hours, not weeks or months
  • Simple administration
  • Runs undetected in the background
  • No client application needed
  • Device agnostic
  • Agentless deployment

The Power of the #hashtag Find What You’re Looking for, Instantly.

Once policies are set, Aware automatically hashtags all shared content and catalogs it, making it easier to find and instantly searchable.

For example, employees looking across an entire social network for information about a benefits policy or a particular project can find it within seconds.

Records Retention Keep What You Need, Remove What You Don’t

Nearly every organization is bound by some kind of records retention policy that’s unique — and made more complex by ever-changing laws and regulatory compliance. Aware by Wiretap makes records retention for enterprise social networks easy. It’s configurable and customizable to your needs.

Simulation Mode

Test what you’re going to do before you do it.


Remove what you want, keep what’s important.

Date Driven

Set retention schedules, even apply retention retroactively if needed.

Content Type

Define content types to be kept or purged.

Official Content Flag

Content marked as “official” can be managed with special care.

Records Information Management (RIM)

Administer all business records throughout their entire life cycle.

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