Protection for Your Entire Social Graph

Your company's social graph is made up of a variety of tools as well as data, conversations and interactions — whether they are internal, external, private or between collaborative partners. Aware by Wiretap safeguards and protects them all.

Automated Control + Visibility

Aware by Wiretap empowers you to govern your ESN usage with policies that align to your company's unique business needs, whether they are out of the box, custom-created, or adaptive policies that have been generated by the Aware Platform.

Out of the Box Policies, Custom Policies, Adaptive Policies

Aware Keeps Watch, 24/7

Aware by Wiretap is always on, 24/7, monitoring and analyzing the content in your social graph, safeguarding and protecting your people and your company's reputation and valuable information.

Capture Emerging Issues Before They Become Incidents

Aware by Wiretap provides visibility into issues before they grow into larger incidents, allowing you to constructively mitigate risks you may not have known existed.

Enforce Policies Dynamically — In Real Time

If content in a message or file matches a policy, action is taken immediately, and the content becomes an "incident", subject to review. Incidents can be documented in your SIEM for further analysis or action.

Gain Organizational Insight

Aware by Wiretap provides deep visibility into collaborative and organizational sentiment, giving you intelligence to make better business decisions that align with corporate strategic direction.

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