Wiretap Monitors:

Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Microsoft Groups

Wiretap supports a host of today's most popular collaboration tools. From Office 365 (Microsoft Groups, Teams and Yammer), to Workplace by Facebook and Slack, Wiretap provides a centralized governance dashboard across all these tools. No matter what tool you deploy, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that you're covered.

Below are several practical ways that Wiretap helps you monitor, protect and grow your company's collaboration footprint:

Encourage Positive Collaboration

Wiretap continually enforces policies and encourages positive collaboration without getting in the way of employee productivity.

Monitor Employees

Wiretap protects open, flexible workspaces from accidental or intentional leaking of sensitive information or intellectual capital.

Monitor Conversations

Wiretap monitors one-on-one and group conversations for crude or crass joking, harassment and HR policy violations.

Safeguard External Collaboration

Wiretap safeguards against accidental (or intentional) sharing of sensitive information with external partners.

Boost Search Functionality

Wiretap auto-hashtags conversations and information for better organization and faster searching.

Protect Beyond What’s Embedded

Wiretap protects far beyond the specialized security features that may (or may not) come embedded in each collaboration tool.

Protect Against Secret Groups

Wiretap protects your enterprise from these insider threats and “secret” groups so your collaboration tools can’t be used to steal information, customers or employee data.

Protect Across Any Device

Wiretap is an agentless-deployed application and runs undetected in the background and protects your collaboration tools instantly across any device.

Enforce Important Policies Without a Cumbersome Rulebook

Monitor, protect and grow your collaboration and networking tools in an ever-changing environment without creating, maintaining or distributing a rulebook.

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