How Do You Avoid Confidential Data Leaks?

Confidential data leaks can cripple a company. Unfortunately, the rise of ESNs and collaboration tools have created a critical gap in the overall business security fabric. Awary by Wiretap is a valuable thread in a multi-layered security fabric, closing this security gap and providing the peace of mind that every ESN and collaboration tool within an organization is protected.

Complete Your Security Fabric

Set once for every social platform and avoid surprise security gaps that come with new ESN functionality.

Safeguard Valuable Information

Avoid unintentional data breaches while you protect confidential information and minimize employee theft.

Protect Proactively

Aware by Wiretap helps you see issues before they grow so you can take a predictive and proactive approach.

CISOs can have the peace of mind that no matter how their social collaboration tools change or what rogue tools are deployed in their organization, security gaps are tightly closed and everything is monitored and protected.

Did You Know?


On average, the cost of a breach has risen to $4 million per incident—up 29% since 2013.


46% of companies have suffered reputational damage due to a data breach.

Aware by Wiretap helps ensure your data remains safe within your social collaboration and networking tools.


An aware by Wiretap Use Case: Protecting Sensitive Information