How it works.

Wiretap deployment is quick and simple, it connects to your Yammer network and runs on your own infrastructure in your private cloud or on premise data center.

The interface is designed for simplicity, so ramp up is quick and you can get started setting policies right away. As you refine your monitoring needs over time, fine-tuning and adding new policies is a breeze.

Connect Wiretap to Yammer

Configure Wiretap to connect with your social networks

Easily configure Wiretap to connect to a variety of social graph networks like Yammer & Office 365 groups.

Slack, Salesforce and Facebook at Work will be available soon.

Set Policies & Determine Actions

Set policies that instruct Wiretap to trigger & respond to incidents

Once Wiretap is active, you create "policies" that determine the content type, patterns and keywords that trigger certain actions.

You determine what actions should be taken for each (e.g. delete, flag, hashtag or notify a business or security team) and add these preferences into the platform.

Follow-up with Incidents

Wiretap continually analyzes all activity & proactively takes action on incidents

If content in the message or file matches one of your policies, the selected action is taken within seconds and the content becomes an "incident", subject to review.

If flagged for removal (or another action such as review) and tagged with a particular threat level, your internal staff reviews the content and may channel it for further investigation.

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