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Wiretap is the safeguard that allows you to apply the same level of caution and control to your ESN that you apply to operations throughout the rest of your organization. Wiretap monitors and secures all ESN activity continuously, 24/7 - including all public and private conversations, files and feeds.

The Power of Policies

Policies are rules (Who, What & Where) that you build or use out of the box that instruct Wiretap how to interact with your social network.
Who is sharing

One of the options you have when building policies is to target your policy towards a specific user, active directory group or even active directory attribute.

Target employees of specific business organizations or those that contain a specific attribute in their active directory profile.

What are they sharing

Using advanced keyword analysis, pattern and file matching, you also identify what type of content the policy needs to look for within the content the employee created.

Target messages that contain specific keywords, or files that are uploaded that have specific extensions or content.

Where are they sharing

Specify where and when the policy needs to be applied. For instance you may only target certain policies to specific groups on the social network or just private messages, etc.

You have the ability to target specific groups, channels, feeds or content types like public or private messages.


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